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Students Bypassing Prerequisites

All students are required to complete a quiz on the Syllabus before they are allowed to proceed with any other course work.  They must agree to abide by the syllabus before they are allowed to continue with the class. If they don't take this quiz then they are marked No Show for the class even if they have done other work (which they shouldn't be able to, but they will argue the point).  I always put the Syllabus Quiz in it's own module and set it as a prerequisite for the next module.

However, this semester in all three of my classes students are bypassing the prerequisite and completing a discussion forum from the next module without taking the quiz.  I cannot figure out how they are doing this or what I could have possibly done wrong that would allow this.

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Can you attach a screenshot?

My guess is that perhaps you have the syllabus quiz set up to be "viewed" rather than "submitted." That would be a simple error that would allow students to progress through the module.