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Students booking in my scheduler


I am wanting to schedule blocks of time in my scheduler for students to make appointments with me.

How can I do that with two different student groups enrolled into different courses without them double booking the same time slot?


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@MichelleMcCann, will your students be signing up for these appointments individually?  I wasn't sure whether your mention of "group" meant that students are reserving on behalf of their groups in these courses.

For individual signup, you can definitely make a set of appointments available to more than one course you teach:

Unfortunately, that setting won't work in conjunction with "Have students sign up in groups" (see Allow Group Signup at link above).  With that option, only one course -- not its sections, the whole course, can be chosen under Select Calendars.

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To clarify the question - 

I have two separate courses but want to use the same appointment times.  When I make the appointment slots for two separate courses, my calendar shows BOTH courses at the same time which infers that the classes each have their own opportunity to sign up for the time. How do I arrange for [individual] students enrolled in different courses to sign up for a time slot without them double booking the same time slot?

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further clarification. I have different instructions for meetings with students in the two courses so I want two distinct appointment signups so as not to confuse students in each course, but don't want double booking for the time slot.

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Hi @kdungy - I do not think the Canvas Calendar will take multiple schedules for the same times assigned to multiple courses into account. Our instructors have been using Microsoft Bookings if they need multiple courses to schedule for the same timeslots.