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Students can't see imported quiz graphs and tables

I'm an instructor, and I find when I copy the course content from a previous semester, including the quiz banks, they often don't show up for students.

Re-exporting the quiz banks (and Blackboard 7.1 zip files) and manually importing them all (I use about 50 different quiz banks for each of my four courses) and connecting them to the quizzes seems to fix the problem.

Why would this be? Am I doing something wrong with the process of importing the content from the previous semester? Could there be a problem in Canvas with copying tables and graphs from quiz banks from another course?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Eliot Alexander

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi Alexander:

I suspect this is because images and graphics do not really live in the questions; but rather, they live in Files. I have seen this happen repeatedly for some of our faculty. Include your Files in your course copy and see if that works.




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I'll double-check this, but I currently copy over the entire previous course, including the files, and still seem to have this issue.