Students can't see my course

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I have searched the guides but I didn't find solution.

I have created a course and when I send the link of it to my students , they get to an unauthorized error (see screenshot) and they can't see the course. How can I solve it?




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A few quick things. Going to mention them even thought you said you searched the guides just in case.

1. Is the course published (on your Dashboard, does it show up under the Published Courses or Unpublished Courses heading). If unpublished, click the button that says Publish to do so.

2. Are you using the free edition or is this something your entire district/institution uses? If the latter, you may have a unique login portal. I see your URL says "" which is the free edition. Our district (the XXXX is our district initials). If your students are going to your school's URL and you are using the free one, that may be part of the issue. If true, there is a way to easily get what you have made into the other instance.

3. Have you added your students to the course? Do they show up on the People page? You may need to add them. Go to People then select the +People button in the upper right. You can add them via email address.

Those are the first three things that come to mind. 

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