Students subbing work without logging in?

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I have an issue where I was going through the people feature in canvas and was about to drop some students who had never logged into the course. Fortunately, I checked the gradebook first, and it turns out a couple of those students have indeed been submitting their assignments.

How are students submitting assignments without logging into Canvas? This is problematic, because it makes it more labor intensive to determine who is participating in the class.

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Community Coach

Hi @erica_wagner ...

Have you looked at the individual access reports for those students you are wondering about to see if there is any activity for them?

How do I view the course access report for an individual user?

Keep us posted...thanks!

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It is very odd that the People page isn't picking up submissions, but that People page has been quirky for years.  It's never been a foolproof spot to check for attendance. It's just one tool of many.  I've found it doesn't always pick up mobile devices such as phones and tablets. 

I would guess students are using a mobile device, or it's a quirk. What type of assignment were students submitting work to?

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