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Survey statistics for graded survey always marks a 'correct answer' when it should not


I am using graded surveys to poll student opinions during class. When developing a graded survey, only 'possible answers' are given and there are no 'correct answers' marked.

However, when we view the Survey Statistics, the software assumes the first answer in the list of given answers is correct and highlights those responses on the statistics graph as being 'answered correctly'. If this is really a survey, then none of the answers should be deemed 'correct'. Can canvas be updated to omit the information that states 'X% of people answered correctly', and remove the green checkmark and green highlighting?

This is confusing for students when one opinion is marked as correct over others.


Melissa Harris


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Hello @harrisml 

Thanks for posting this in the Canvas Community! I was able to look into this a bit for you as I was also confused by this.  

It looks like this appears to be intended based on what I have read HERE on the Canvas guide for quiz statistics. It looks like the statistics will automatically think that one answer is a correct, even though there is not a correct answer for ungraded surveys. From what I have read, this should be something that was fixed in the New Quizzes engine. I'm not positive, but I think this might have something to do with the way that statistics are generated for the Classic engine.

Hopefully this helps! 




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