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Sync to InfiniteCampus vs Sync to SIS

Yesterday our teachers began to notice a change with their Canvas gradebook.

Under the "Actions" menu, teachers have always had a "Sync to SIS" option.

Suddenly there is also a "Sync to InfiniteCampus" option for several (but not all) courses.  Our teachers are confused and don't know which to use.

Has anyone else seen this behavior?  Was this a planned change?

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I believe this is a customization option available to your Canvas Administrator. You could check with your Canvas Admin/Tech team to find out if they added a custom link. Perhaps they added it at a subaccount level and not to the entire domain.

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Hello @MrReed 

Thanks for posting this in the Global Canvas Community! 

My apologies for the late response on this post. Were you able to resolve this? I think this was actually related to a known issue that was investigated back in December. I believe that it is resolved now, but if you are still seeing this, it might be best to contact Canvas support to have them take a look with their SIS team.

Hopefully this helps!