Syncing Google OAuth Accounts with Google SAML accounts

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• We currently use SAML with google to authenticate users into canvas.
• We recently setup google (OAuth method) as our new way of authenticating google users into canvas.
• Initially, the OAuth would just present an error page after a user logged in with their google account, stating "Canvas doesn't have an account for user: <email>". After tinkering for a bit, I turned on Just in time Provisioning, which would create a brand new fresh account when a user logged in through google OAuth. After tinkering some more, I realized users could manually merge their accounts that have the same email in their user settings, but the option does not present itself until after the user clicks "+ Email Address" under "Ways to Contact", types in their email, then close the search prompt. This would make canvas realize there are two accounts with the same email log in, then allow them to merge by clicking the faded "+" next to their email under "Ways to Contact". Found here

What I am hoping to achieve is to have this merging process be automated or unneeded entirely.

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Hi @DevenBusse 

Thanks for your question! This is a tricky one, because currently this is not a feature within Canvas, since it is also not a feature with Google Authentication. If/when this is changed by Google, this would be a great suggested feature idea for our engineers to look into! However, at this time we will need to wait on Google to make this kind of update. 

For reference, here is a link to our Idea Conversations page:

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