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Syncing assignments to Powerschool worth 0 points

For several years, we've had teachers create assignments worth 0 points that are used for course-level extra credit (rather than assignment extra credit). Recently, Canvas stopped syncing these assignments and I thought I found an article saying assignments weren't synced using OneRoster until there was at least one score, but I can't find that anywhere.

The Instructor FAQ for grade passback doesn't mention a score requirement for assignments to sync. Can anyone shed some light on why these won't post to Powerschool?

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@bbennett2  Because the way the PowerSchool Manages Extra Credit, the "0"-point Assignment that is normally done in Canvas isn't an option.  The easiest workaround that I know of is to make the Assignment worth 1 point total, and then award students more than 1 point on the assignment.  For the assignment not to affect the grades of the students that don't earn extra credit they could either be excused from the assignment or given 1 point as a grade on it.  PowerSchool should allow the assignment (with a total points of 1) to sync with Canvas successfully.

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@NicoletteStaleyyou don't describe specifically what you mean by "the way PowerSchool manages Extra Credit." PowerTeacher Pro does support creation of assignments with a 0-point assignment value and points that count only for extra credit. That sounds comparable to Canvas. Is it not possible for Canvas to code the PowerSchool API integration to correctly pass these back to PowerTeacher Pro?

Hello @SystemAdministr 

it might be best to submit a ticket to Canvas support on this and have them check with their SIS integrations team to see why this is not syncing over as expected. I also recall seeing something on this in the past, but I also can't seem to locate any documentation on this now. 

I would love to know what they find out as I am also curious about this. 

Let us know what you find out on this! 


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