Teacher Notification of Assignment/Test in External Sources

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Is there a way for a teacher to be notified in Canvas about student completion of an assignment, quiz or test which was taken in an external source such as Cengage using MindTap? I would like to know if this constant monitoring by the teacher could be more streamlined by a changed setting etc. See below for teacher question.

"I do not receive notifications when a student finishes a Quiz, or anything else in Canvas utilizing an External Tool. For example: a student completes an Accounting test in Cengage using MindTap. The grade is pushed to my Canvas gradebook, but I do not see it's there until I actually go in to that course and go to my gradebook. It does not show up on my list of things "To Do" in Canvas. This means there is constant monitoring of every class in order to catch when those students have completed those assignments/assessments."