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The possibility of only one session should be active for the same user

1-The possibility of only one session should be active for the same user

we have a serise problem that when Mid or Final Exam some students give there friend the user name and password and they open canvas and answer the exam becouse the Canvas allow to open more than one session for same User

there are a possiple to force to not allow second session 

 2- The user session expiry setting (the current state canvas session never expire )

Also we notes that if student or Faculty open Canvas does not Go out  


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Community Coach
Community Coach

@rico387 ...

Please give people some additional time to read through @saw_isk's question.  This question is quite new, and so many Community members may not have had time to review it to determine if it is something they could reply to and give feedback on.  Hope this makes sense...thanks!


Hello @saw_isk 

I am sorry that you are seeing students give out their username and password. I can see how that would be problematic. 

Currently there is not a way to limit the active browser sessions for things such as quizzes in Canvas. 

However, I have seen some schools try and use proctoring software such as respondus and proctorio, which will lockdown the students computer or device and will require webcam checks before the student accesses the quiz if they are using the monitoring option. When the student completes the quiz, the proctoring software will allow you to watch the video that was recorded of them taking the exam. 

You can also try limit IP addresses being used to take quizzes by filtering IP addresses. Many schools will use this if they need to have the student take the exam in a testing center on campus. 


Hopefully this helps!