The "Course - delete" permission is not permitting courses to be deleted

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Hi All,

    We are trying to replace our root "Account Admin" users with lower privileged accounts. We have an API that uses the "delete /courses/{courseId}?" API. When it is called with full "Account Admin" it returns 204 and removes the user. But when I call it with the following permissions it fails with 401 Unaithorized:

Admin - manage / update
Courses content - add / edit / delete
Courses - view list
Course content - view
Courses - add
Courses - conclude
Courses - delete
Courses - publish
Courses - change visibility
Courses - undelete
Manage Course Sections
SIS Data - read
SIS Data - manage

Which additional privilege is required to get this working?

I have a very similar issue with delete user API as well. ie I have enabled most user permissions and still can't delete.




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I resolved this issue by granting the role the "Manage Course Files" and "Manage Pages" permissions. I was also informed you can push the role through to the user faster by changing the users timezone away and back again (have not tested this however).


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