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I have a question about Canvas Quiz and Timed Quiz. If I have the exam open for students for 24 hours but they only have like 120 minutes to do so would the system kick them out after 120 minutes in Canvas when the exam opens? 

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@patelp3 I am guessing when you say "open for 24 hours" you mean the Available From and Until are being used.  That sets the availability window and the time is what determines how long they get for the quiz.  Their clock starts once they being the quiz/exam.  The only small catch to this is if they try and take the quiz with less than 120 minutes in the 24 hour period.  For example, if they have until 8pm to take the quiz, and start it at 7pm, even though technically they have 120 min (2 hours) the quiz will submit when the 8pm, until time, is reached.

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