To create a blog-like feature in Canvas

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I understand that there is NO blog feature in Canvas. I am new and will be teaching course shortly.

I desperately need to build a blog feature in a canvas course. How can I do a blog-like activity in Canvas? I want each student to run a blog throughout the course and other students to be able to view and comment.  blogging-challenge‌ create blog post‌ 

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Hi there  @behn_foroughi . Students love to blog.

I have seen a grade 5/6 teacher open up Canvas pages to students to edit as a blog like environment When Magic Happens. Students experience as editors in Canvas. 

Others use iframes to embed blogs. 

Perhaps this could help. iframes (UoA Lecture Recordings)  

I use this iframe generator  - works a treat in most cases. 

Hope that helps

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