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Hi Canvas support team,

I am looking at my student portal and I have many classes that are deleted from my student portal. The funny thing is that these classes are not showing on my transcript either. The classes the police/troopers and canvas employees have stolen from my account, can they put them back? This platform is so corrupt. Thank you!

Daphney Lys


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LAACD is made up of nine colleges. You need to contact the support at the college you are attending (e.g. City, Mission, Pierce, Trade-Tech...)

At all nine colleges, you will only be able to access the courses that you are currently enrolled in. At the end of each semester, you will lose access. Therefore, you will not see Fall 2022 or Winter 2023 classes. (They will NOT be in "All Courses.")

If you don't see your Spring 2023 courses, then you need to email your professors. You can also contact your school's Admissions Office. You can also find Canvas Support on your college's website.

Note that if you were not actively participating in your courses, you may have been excluded. The District requires professors to exclude students who are not attending class and/or submitting work on Canvas by May 7th.  Again, contact your professors and/or the Admissions Office.

Good luck!

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