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Undo Delete on a Calendar

I had whole course modules that for some reason were linked to events on the Canvas calendar. However, I did not know this when I deleted the multiple assignments from the course calendar. Now those Canvas pages show dead links, and my student cannot access the course. How can I undo this action?

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Hello @GradTA12 

Thanks for posting this in the global Canvas Community! 

I am sorry to hear that you have some missing content in your course after deleting from the calendar. 

You might be able to locate the deleted content. Canvas has a cool feature built in that allows you to see most of your deleted content and even restore them. Keep in mind that this is not always guaranteed, and sometimes things can not be restored, unfortunately. 

I am including this blog post for you in case you want to read over how it works. 

  1. Step 1 -  Go the course in question.
  2. locate the URL at the top of the screen. It should say something like Note: If your school uses a vanity URL, you might not be able to do this. Non vanity URL's will contain '' in them as demonstrated above. You can type in /undelete at the end of the URL and it should bring up a page called Undelete. From here you can scroll through some of the different things that have been deleted and even restore them. 
  3. If you cannot access the undelete page, you could always reach out to canvas support and they can try to restore it if it is still available to be restored. 

Hopefully this helps!