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I am our institution's Canvas admin and I am trying to figure out how to have student email addresses be displayed in the class list for an instructor in one particular class.

I found this permission that we already have enabled called "Users - view primary email address." Under "What it does" it states, "Allows user to search for other users via primary email addresses in the People page." I tested it and that works. You can indeed search for a student by their email address but only if you know what that email address is! It doesn't actually display the email address on the class list.

If I act as the instructor, I only see the following in the class list:





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@Carter41 Although the People tool does not list email addresses, teachers can export a course roster CSV that includes email addresses from the (currently optional, but mandatory as of 7/20) New Analytics tool. How do I view and download reports in New Analytics? 

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