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When an announcement is created in canvas and an instructor embeds a video into it, the students who receive an email about the announcement can not see the video in the email (there is not even a desciption or brackets of some sort to even show there is a video in the announcement). I found several posts about this issue but they were from several years ago. Is there a reason why the video is not shown in the email (or even hinted at)? And is there some work around that will allow the embedded video to be seen in the email? 

Does anyone have any updated info on this? 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

The only thing that I can offer is that any use of tables and other formatting in Announcements tends to get distorted on its way through notifications to users' emails, which has caught us out in the past. One possibility might be that your email system is stripping out anything it regards as a security risk ?

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Community Coach

@paul_fynn brings up a good point about formatting not coming through. In my experience, @kmoore2431, I have to include wording in the announcement text letting students know there is multimedia in the announcement. Here's an example from the first announcement I posted to my students last semester:

This announcement has two embedded videos. One has a brief welcome message from me:

The other is an introduction to some of my co-workers who are here to support you while a student at CRC:

Even so, my video only has 15 views out of a class of 45 students. One of those views is mine and I think another is my mom. 🤣

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