View grade distribution including unposted grades (anonymous submissions)

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A colleague has alerted me into a peculiar issue that I haven't seen before.

What we'd like to do is get a sense of the grade distribution and, preferably, a list of students with their respective grades to that this information is available to the Moderator so they can pick out a sample which represents a wide range of scores, BEFORE we post the scores for the students to see.

On the face of it, it seems simple: I was quite confident that I'd see the scores in the gradebook, or at least the gradebook export. But I don't.

The assignment is a graded anonymous submission assignment.

We are able to access the submissions in SpeedGrader, and have scored/ graded/ marked the assignment therein. Naturally, we can see the scores there on a per student basis, as well as the average score in the top bar.

We have not posted the grades for the students to see yet, because these need to be moderated before that.

But these unposted grades are not visible in either the Gradebook or the csv export of the Gradebook. Row 2 in the export for the assignment's column says "Manual Posting (scores hidden from instructors)", which is quite strange. My initial instinct was that this might be because the assignment is anonymous, so we see the grade in Speedgrader for anonymous students (Student 5, Student 6, etc), while in Gradebook since student names appear, therefore the unposted grades are not shown. But I don't see a way of turning off student names (and removing other/graded assignments from the view) either in Gradebook.

I should add that in New Analytics I do not see a data point for this assignment. The assignment is listed on the x axis, with the note "No data".

Any hints, insights, solutions and workarounds would be greatly appreciated.

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