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All my *pages" still exist, but our IT department is going to delete courses prior to 2 years ago. YES, I know I could have saved all the courses, but haven't, and don't want to export all those now, midterm. 

SO, it seems that with all my pages STILL EXISTING, the programmers at Instructure would allow me to view a list of all my pages, all my assignments, all my files, and quickly be able to skim and choose specific things to save. 

As for as I can tell, such an act is not possible. Honestly, my question that can be answered here is:

Am I missing something? Can I see all my course pages in a listing anywhere from all my existing courses?

The question that cannot be answered, I guess:

If I can't see such a list, why would that be hard to provide? In my discipline, we change and rotate content from year to year and often want to look back to see what we did, say 4 years ago.

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Do you still have access to your courses? Can you export them?


There's no API endpoint to list all pages across all courses, just pages in a course.

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