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All modules for Week 5 are locked for me! And it says underneath week 5 that they will unlock May 29…it is about to be June 1st and they are all still locked meaning I am not able to access them. Anyone know why and could possibly help?

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Hello @MadisonVanMeter 

Thank you for contacting the Instructure Community. We're sorry to hear you've been experiencing issues with your modules. If your instructor used lock dates on your modules and it was supposed to open May 29 - they may have forgotten to publish the module itself. There are a handful of ways to lock a module including dates, publishing, and requirements which make you go through modules in sequential order. As long as all previous items in the earlier modules are completed and that date is well past the unlock time - it is probably not published. Please feel free to reach out to your instructor and ask them to double check the settings as they (or the school) are the only ones who can publish/unlock it. Hopefully this helps. 

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