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An internal error occurred when I was adding new people/user. I have deleted many users, but it's still not working. I've also tried to add different new users with different email address, still no luck. I'd apprciate any advice regarding this matter.


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Community Coach

Hi @Instructor001,

This is probably something that you'll need to contact Canvas Support about, as an internal error like that is going to be very hard to troubleshoot.

With that being said, I see in your screenshot that you're enrolled in the course as both a teacher and a student.  Dual roles like that can cause some unexpected behavior in Canvas, and perhaps this is one area that doesn't work well with dual roles.  Id' try removing your student role if you have the ability and see if things work after that.

I would also recommend editing your post and removing that screenshot, or at least cropping it to only show the error message.  Right now it's revealing some names and email addresses that should likely be private.


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