What are some of the top K12 curriculum providers?

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We run a K12 school that is both blended and completely online. I am hoping to source 5-10 curriculum providers that we can look into. We are looking for core subjects; math, science, social studies, and English language arts. The curriculum will need to align (even loosely) with Oregon standards and CCSS. We have used FlexPoint for years, and are hoping to Frankenstein more curriculum. FlexPoint curriculum works well for 7-12 mostly, but our K-6 are hoping for something to better meet their student needs. Any names or ideas is greatly appreciated! 

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Project Lead the Way (PLTW) has an elementary curriculum titled Launch. While PLTW often is seen as a STEM curriculum, their K-5 Launch program is often used as a Science curriculum. If you look at the page I linked, you will see a lot of science topics in there. They try to blend in Math and ELA through application of skills, and weave in engineering principals (design thinking and problem solving) and computer science. The curriculum relies a lot on problem-based learning. If you scroll down that page, you will see an option to see a Standards Connection. I do not see Oregon on the list of states that have established a standards guide unfortunately (at this moment), but there are a lot of connections to CC, NGSS, ITE, and more at higher levels. 

As for being a top provider, I feel all providers can be to the person recommending. I can say that PLTW partners with a TON of major businesses (just a few: Chevron, John Deere, Verizon, Lockheed Martin...I linked a list) and has won various awards over the year. Teachers have to attend a training before they are certified to teach a course. The trainings are usually very productive. You would go through the curriculum as a student while learning the pedagogy beyond the course structure. 

If you want more and do not already have PLTW in your district, reach out and I can get you in touch with someone. All states have a coordinator that helps when districts are trying to add or expand. They would be able to help provide assistance and even connect you with other schools in your area that have PLTW if you want to see it in action.

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