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What are ways that will help me respond to discussion post more often and not forget?

I am struggling with responding to discussion posts.  Anyone else?  And how do you handle this?  Any ideas?

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Hey Jackie,

That is a great question.  For me getting very organized is the key.  What works for me is planning my week ahead of time.  I start with my schedule from the week before and update it for the week to come. First I check on what is due when and then I work backwards and plan every hour I am going to study.  I put in bullets like "Check discussion forum" and "Check in box."  Another thing that helps me is at the beginning of the term I create a folder structure for each course with sub-folders for assignments, discussions, etc  Within the discussions folder I make a blank Word processing document with titles like "OL 620 Week 02 Disussion, Begins January 25th, 2020" - again to help me remember what is due when.  

Hope this helps you!

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If I was a student, I would likely set up a daily reminder on my phone (like "Have you check the DB today?"). While it would be potentially annoying to have my phone/watch reminding me, it would keep me from forgetting.

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Hello Jackie Combs!

You can set a notification so you receive a message via text or email when a discussion is responded to.

Here's how: https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-10624-4212710344 

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Hey Jackie,

To be totally honest I would suggest a simple effort such as trying to incorporate a text reminder in your phone.  Also befriend someone that is in your cohort (such as myself) and use one another as reminders.  Therefore you have a digital and physical alarm system reminding you to post info or respond to someone's discussion.

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I had to set an alarm reminder on my phone. I find that having the alarms makes me get in the mindset of stop, wait, do your work.

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Hi  @jaqueline_combs  

I do not know if you are asking as a teacher or as a student, but either way, my answer would be the same - check your online classrooms daily, every day!

As a teacher, organize your content modularly so that you only need to check the current module. This works better for your students too. Check your To Do list at the course level, when you first log in. Check any open discussions for new postings. Set your notification preferences as advised by someone else in this thread. But really, the secret is going into your classrooms daily and checking all open content and activities.


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Hello to all the online school format is new to me, I am learning quickly on how to navigate the format, I like what Scott suggested on how to setup the folders, I will go with that system.

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Hallow to all online users

I find your suggestions helpful and to add on I plan to have an A4 paper on the back of the door in my room with all the due dates and the course and I plan to scratch out each after submitting. I am also going to note them on the phone calendar for a week before the submission.

Thank you.

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Hey so am new to this school and don't really know to much about it but at my old school i'll reply on canvas and i would have a reminder on my phone that i can be useful at times.

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