Where can I find the openstax "Psychology" test bank for Canvas?

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I am an instructor preparing to teach an online section of Introductory Psychology, and I have obtained the OpenStax Psychology textbook test-bank through the OpenStax instructor materials website, but the questions are in the form of a Word document. Is the test bank for OpenStax Psychology available as a Canvas testbank, or as a chapter by chapter set of Canvas Quizzes? I can provide verification of my faculty status and of the existence of the course I am preparing to teach.

Thanks in advance for any assistance that anyone can provide with this matter.


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Hey Rob and welcome to the Community!

As far as using the OpenStax materials, you have a few options.  You could manually enter the questions (shudders) into Canvas.  You could also reformat the Word document to be imported into Canvas.   @jonesn16  did a great job of addressing that process here.  It is also possible that you might find the materials you are wanting to use already in Canvas format in Canvas Commons. Or, you may be able to obtain the quizzes you want directly from the Openstax organization.  I hope one of these options proves useful!

I wish you and your students the best of success in the course you are about to embark on.

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