Where do students find recordings in the new Teams Meetings LTI?

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We are in the process of migrating to Canvas and can't yet test the Teams Meetings LTI. I have found lots of recent information on how to schedule Teams Meetings via the link in the course menu, but no screenshots or recordings showing me how students access the recordings. I am also keen to know how students view the captions and transcript, and whether there are download options.

Is anyone using the LTI and could post a screenshot?

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Hello @RaeJobst-GU 

I think MS Teams will store the recordings on MyShare Point or One Drive IIRC. 

I believe that the instructor will have to share the embed code from MyShare Point and place it in their Canvas course on a page. 

I found this information on that through Microsoft's web page. 

You might be able to find more information on how the LTI works HERE

I know that some schools will use Kaltura media gallery to store Zoom recordings after the meeting has ended and the recording has processed. I'm not sure if MS Teams allows for this also with their integration. 

Hopefully this helps! 


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