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Why can't my students see my created Discussions?

I want all my assignments to be discussions. I've created discussions (with their assignment instructions in them), but my students can't see them. Why?

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Hi  @floden649  

I strongly suspect that either the discussions are not published, or the discussions are in un-published modules.

Check that out, and see if that might be it.


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I'm having this same issue. However, my class/module is published and so are the discussions. Quite a quandary. 

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Hello @JohnJennings ...

Can you please check a couple things ... just to make sure?

Once you confirm all of these things, try using the Test Student role to see if you can view the topics as a student would see them.  How do I view a course as a test student using Stu... - Instructure Community

If none of the above things are working, then I would recommend that you contact the Canvas Help Desk folks.  They would be able to log into your course with you to see what might be going on...and help you get things straightened out.

I hope this will be of some help to you, John.  Keep us posted here in the Community what you find out...thanks!

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