Why can't we keep a copy of the questions when we move multiple questions to another bank?

Community Explorer

If I click "move/copy question to another bank", the dialog box has a check box so I can "Keep a copy in this question bank as well".

If I click "Move Multiple Questions", there is no copy option available.  The dialog box is entitled "Move/Copy Questions", but all you can do is move questions.

I make duplicate questions that I make small changes to so I can have similar questions without having to completely remake them. (e.g. I turn a true statement into a false statement to have 2 True/False questions to choose from.)

I can do this by making the question in a bank.  Then, in the quiz, I repeatedly click "Find Questions" and select the original question as many times as I want similar questions.  This is tedious.

I can do it within the question banks by moving the question to another bank while keeping a copy.  Then I go to the other bank and move the question back.  This is a little better.

For a single question, either of these is acceptable.  For multiple questions, however, all that clicking and loading can add up.  I can duplicate several problems at once by sharing a quiz to commons and importing it back, which puts the questions in a new bank.  This feels like using an elephant gun on a rabbit, though.

It would be nice to be able to have a copy option in the move multiple questions action.  It would be even better to have a "Copy this Question" button right next to the "Edit this Question" button.