Why do you make this so hard to use?

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Seriously. I'm even here trying to contact help and it takes me a thousand clicks to get to post something on a bulletin board, not even chat with someone who can actually help. You're interface is NOT intuitive, nor helpful. I'm looking at grades. A kid turns something in. I click on it. It won't open. I have to click another 5-10 things just to see his work. And since you can't interface with PowerSchool I have to click over to another window to record the score.

I hate everything about this cursed platform. I can open Google Docs and start typing. But in Canvas I have to start a module, create an assignment, name it, save it. Then open it again, select edit. And if I have to go back and change something, it's another 15 clicks. 

Do the industry research. Clicks denote decisions. More decisions denote fatigue. You are NOT making this easier for educators. Less clicks = more efficiency = more energy for students.