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Word/character limit in essay answers?

I haven't seen this discussed anywhere, and finding out after-the-fact is not an option, so I'm throwing this out there:

Is there a word/character limit in answers to an essay question in a quiz? I'm not expecting students to produce a 50,000-word dissertation in the time they have, but I'm wondering if there is a ceiling that I should be concerned with should a prolific thinker and fast typer produce a 5,000-word essay...

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Hi  @dcanfie1  Welcome to the Canvas Community!

I know of no size limit, suspect there likely is one, but can find no documentation of such.

My own students have given me some rather substantial answers to essay items over the years, and nothing has ever failed.

That's all I got!


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Instructure Alumni

Hello  @dcanfie1  and welcome to the Canvas Community! Thanks for reaching out and your question. You can set a limit if that was something you were interested in. I've listed below a few previous discussions in reference to essay word count and helpful docs:

Hope this helps. Thanks!