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I can see several different names on my course (see pictures). The list says one name, but when I enter the course settings, I see two other names. How do I change the name in the first picture (Alströmer 21/22)?


Skärmavbild 2022-02-22 kl. 08.32.29.pngSkärmavbild 2022-02-22 kl. 08.32.47.png

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I don't think moving the course to different subaccounts would affect this.  Given what you've shared, I think it's the nickname causing the issue.  I just did a bit of testing and can confirm that if you set a nickname on the dashboard course card, it does show up in the admin course search too.  You should be able to remove the nickname right from your dashboard course card and then everything would go back to normal.


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