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I am the administrator for a course run on the 'free for teachers' version. A user changed jobs and no longer has the email address used in our course. 

She is about to graduate from the course and needs access to the resources and materials to complete her capstone.   

How can I change her address for her so that she can retain her status in the program along with the documents and files shared?




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Community Coach

Hi @eecmaeoe,

I honestly don't think it's possible for someone in free-for-teacher Canvas to change the email they login with...  That's the bad news...

With that out of the way, I have some good news to offer.  Users can add additional emails for communications, and even change the default email.  These options, coupled with the fact that the suer should still be able to login to Canvas with their "old" email (unless their setup multi-factor auth using the email address) means the student should still be able to get into Canvas to complete their work, and update their communication emails to receive announcements and other notifications form Canvas to a different email.

I hope this info helps!


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