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Hello community, nice to greet everyone. I am a Canvas administrator and I am wanting to make a change to the login screen of the institution where I work. Specifically, I am looking for the label called "email" for "UCC Key", I was able to do it using JS with the following code:

document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() {
var loginLabel = document.querySelector('label[for="pseudonym_session_unique_id"]');
if (loginLabel) {
loginLabel.textContent = 'UCC Key';

It only worked for the web version, but not for the mobile version.
I hope someone has a solution for this problem.
Many thanks in advance

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @g0nicba,

If I understand your question correctly, I think this is a super simple change that doesn't even require JavaScript.  If you go to your root account -> Authentication area, you'll see a "Login Label" box under SSO settings.  If you put "UCC Key" in that box, I believe it will display that throughout Canvas.

Screenshot 2024-05-21 at 11.49.07 PM.png

Let us know if this works for you!


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