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I have a course that is not showing up and missing on canvas but I am enrolled in the class. What should I do? I'm sure assignments are going to build up and I need this class. 

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Community Coach

@barrowk3 -

There are 2 possibilities.  The first one(the most likely case) is the instructor has not published the course yet.  You will need to contact the instructor to see if the course is published(only after option 2 below)

The other possibility is that the course is published but not on your dashboard.  You need to go to the all courses link - click on the courses icon on the left side and at the bottom click on all courses.  This shows you a listing of all your courses.  Look for your course in that list. If it is on the list then click on the star on the left side to make it visible on your dashboard.

Here is the student manual page dealing with viewing all of your courses


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