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When logged in as my student on desktop version all tabs are gone, grades, assignments, modules, etc. Only the one that it defaults to when we first click the course can be seen. When logged in as myself I have the tabs but am unable to see any grades from quarters 1 or 2 and need to verify assignments before the teachers post final grades shortly. I have attached images.

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To access the menu in Student View, try clicking on the "hamburger" menu (three horizontal lines) next to the course name at the top. From your screenshot it appears that the menu is closed; clicking on the hamburger should open it.

Regarding the grading quarters, you probably need to consult with your institution's Canvas admin. Grading Periods are set by the institution, not by Instructure/Canvas. I would guess that your institution set a "close" date that has already passed. (The Close Date is different from the End Date for the Grading Period. The Close Date is the last day instructors can access the course material.)

The hamburger worked, can't believe I missed that. Thanks so much! I know when the closing is, my issue is just being able to see the grades, Usually you can go back and see all quarters. Now that I used the hamburger I am able to see quarter 1 and 2 when logged in as my son. I am still unable to see them when logged in as myself.