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When trying to start a collaboration it is saying I need to sign in. I am already logged into canvas how to I sign in?

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Hello @RebeccaHays 

Thanks for posting this in the Global Canvas Community. 

I am not exactly sure why you are being asked to sign in for collaborations when you are already logged into Canvas. 

This question might be better directed to Canvas support for further troubleshooting since we are unable to take a look at your specific account and collaboration. 

Some troubleshooting you could try in the meantime:

  1. Clear your browser's cache and cookies. Here are the Canvas guides for MAC and PC users. Sometimes the browser can act up and cause intermitten login issues. Clearing data for "All Time" is a great place to start and will give your browser a fresh start. 
  2. You could also try to see if the same behavior happens while using a different supported browser. 
  3. It could be a configuration issue with the type of Collaboration. Collaborations are generally setup using Google Docs, Drive and even Microsoft Office 365. When you try to open it, it should try and authenticate using your email address listed in your Canvas account settings. 
  4. Are you signed into any personal email addresses on your browser that it is trying to authenticate with when you try to access the collaboration? Clearing cache for "All time" can sometimes resolve this because it will log you out of any accounts you were signed into Previously. 

Hopefully this helps a little bit!