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I know there is a way to download all submitted assignments for everyone in a course. I wish to know is there a way to download just those for a specific group (say you have multiple instructors) and don't wish to download all student submissions, just your own group.

Thank you in advance.

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Hello @khan_yas

If you are going to the assignment directly and downloading all submissions - no, there is not a way to filter by group it will download all submitted files at that point. If you go to the gradebook, you can also download the submissions and in the zip folder it should list the group regardless of the method. These bulk downloads should list the group for your instructors and they can quickly filter/delete the ones they don't want when viewing the downloaded file on their computers. "For group assignments, the file name will include the name of the assigned group." However, there is no feature to first filter via group and download those specifically.

Here is the Canvas guide:

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