how to use a quiz as extra credit.

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I have a quiz set up as graded quiz for 40 points but I want to use that as extra credit. How can I do this? I do not have weighted categories it is straight point system  Please advise.

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The easiest way I can think of is to convert to weighted categories, put everything in one category worth 100%, and then put your EC quiz in its own category worth whatever percentage you want it to be.  So for example, you have 1000 total points and you want the EC to be up to 40 more points, you could make the EC category worth 4%.   Does that make sense?

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Making an entire quiz worth extra credit isn't easy in Canvas if you are using a Points based gradebook. The following directions explain how to make this happen:

  • Create a quiz
  • Provide point values for each question. (making the quiz worth "X" amount of points - the total number of points the extra credit should be worth.)
  • Publish the quiz and have the students take it.
  • Once all students have taken a quiz and received a score, which is recorded in the gradebook.
  • Edit the Quiz and change the Quiz type to a Graded Survey worth "0" points.
  • The student will then receive whatever extra credit value they earned.

IMPORTANT: When copying the course it will copy it as a survey - so be sure to Edit and revert it back to a graded quiz for the next term!!

Hope this helps!

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@DianaNguyen -

If you are using new quizzes, can you set the points for the quiz to 0 and then have the questions worth points so that the quiz counts points, but the weight in the gradebook for calculating the grade is 0 points for the quiz (i.e. students would receive 5/0) this would work for weighted or unweighted gradebooks.  I do not know about this method because I do not use new quizzes.

The way I create extra credit quizzes is more work on my part, but I know it works.  This method only applies if you are using weighted gradebooks

I use classic quizzes, so it may be easier in New quizzes using the first method described.  For this method with weighted gradebooks, I create an extra credit assignment group and weight it at 0%.  I then create all extra credit quizzes in that group with regular points.  After the grading is complete on the quiz, I create a regular assignment worth 0 points in the assignment group associated with quizzes (or where ever it will be in your course).  I then export the gradebook and copy the actual quiz scores over to the assignment that is being used to report those scores.

it is more work than I want, but I do not use it too often.

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