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Hi all,

I just finished an exam today. It is a quiz(Two parts, multiply choice and short text question) . I finished answering at 3 pm. All answer has been auto saved at 14:56. Then i rewrite a short question. When I finish the question and ready to submit the quiz at 15:12. I found that i lost the internet. I dont know when it happened.  Then i reconnect the internet. I click the 'submit quiz' button. At the same time, I saw that the answer has been saved. And I submitted successfully. I am worry about one thing. Would all answer be emptied(text question and choice) after the internet reconnected?  Which version will my teacher see, 14:56 version, 15:12 version or an empty answer paper?

Thank you

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Hi @Adam19 

All of your responses to question items posted before the outage (and after the outage) would be saved, but you are asking the wrong people! If you have a question about the status of any submission in a Canvas classroom, you should first be asking your teacher. They can review your submission, advise you on its completeness, and even grant you another attempt if so inclined.  The members of this global user's community can only advise you on how Canvas should have worked.

Good luck,


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