letting students see speedgrader feedback before final grades are posted

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I want to give students feedback on an assignment before it is given a final grade, so they can revise and resubmit. Currently, the instructor can't do this because any annotations you make using speedgrader are invisible to the student until the grades for the whole class are posted.

It would be great if there were an option for each student to see the annotations on their assignment after you have clicked "submit" for their (provisional) grade, but before posting the grades for the whole class.

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Hi @RobertWatt 

You are correct, students can only see your annotations when they can see their scores. Alternately, since you permit students to make corrections and resubmit before you mark their final grade, you could create a two-part grading rubric.........

  • Annotate the first submission, and
  • Use the first half of the rubric to provide your initial score,
  • Then after re-submission, use the second half of the rubric to provide the final score.
  • For students with a great first submission, simply complete both halves of the rubric.

This approach would require informing students of your grading policy so they don't panic when they see a much smaller score that they expected. I use this technique for my two-part Discussions.

Or, you could create a New Idea Conversation in this community asking for a change to the grade posting policy functionality.

Good luck,


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