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merge courses with no cross listing available

My settings don't show an option for cross listing courses with two different course numbers. i need to  combine a grad and an ugrad section into one for content sharing. all the other answers tell me to cross list.  is there any other option?

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I do this for one of my courses, I simply name the new course with both course numbers.  For example, CIS 101 and CIS 103. 

Another option would be to use a blue print course and push that out to both courses. However I think that is a complicated solution for what you want to accomplish. 

thanks! i'm not sure i can rename them but will keep that in mind.
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@UNMfac -

I don't understand your comment about not having the cross-listing available.  The only reason I can think of for that would be that your canvas admins turned the cross-listing feature off and you have to go through them to cross-list courses.

I have regularly cross-listed grad and undergrad courses with no issues.  if I make the undergrad course the course to keep, obtain its ID then go to the grad course, settings, sections, click on the section link for the course and cross-listing option should appear in the right hand menu(if it doesn't contact your admins).  If so, click on it and enter in the course id, press enter and verify that the course listed is the correct one and then apply the cross listing. 

As far as I know, there is nothing in Canvas to prevent you from crosslisting  BWV101-intro-to-basket-weaving with RSC764-advanceRocketScience 

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it does not appear as an option so i'll contact the administrators, thanks.
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My community college district turned off "cross-listing" for most courses. So, for example, if an instructor has two sections of Eng 101, that instructor will have two separate course cards. Any exception would have to be approved. 



@SusanNiemeyer -

Exactly.  That was my premise with the first part of my post.  That instead of @UNMfac doing some strange course manipulations, just send the request into the canvas admins and tell them to cross-list the two courses

It sucks not having the control your self, but if they have it turned off it is probably because of dealing with people always screwing it up and asking them to fix it.

it is frustrating, but i understand the reason why. thanks!
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i think that is my problem, thanks.
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