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I'm trying to set up exams in canvas so that students have one week to take the exam on their time. During this week, I'd like to have the setting so students can not go back and see the exam as to minimize cheating. After the due date, I'd like the students to be able to go back and see their answers, the correct answers and my comments. I'm using new quizzes. This article discusses the options for restricting viewing, but there's no option for a timed release like you could with the old quizzes (found in this article

Does anyone know of a work around? Or can I manually change the restrict student view settings after everyone has taken the exam? I'd like to have it automatically release the exam so I don't forget....because I will forget...

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Hi Bridget -

Currently, this feature is not available with New Quizzes. You do have the option to update the New Quiz Settings at any time, which gives you granular control over what the students can and cannot see upon submitting the quiz.  This includes the ability to allow students to view the questions, their answers, the correct answers, and/or your question feedback, as desired.   This just has to be done manually, as there is currently no automation available to release this information on a designated schedule. You can learn more about this at the following link: How do I manage settings for a quiz in New Quizzes? 


I would also encourage you to leave this as a feedback suggestion in the New Quizzes feedback blog, as New Quizzes engineers do read these suggestions frequently and use them to update the road map for New Quizzes.  You can also view the current planning New Quizzes Roadmap to get a sense of upcoming developments.

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