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@KristinL  it's amazing in 2023 (almost 2024) with enabled pronouns they can't be applied to the email signature block.  Like we have the option to enable pronouns OR not.  How many lines of code does it take to add pronouns for those that already click "enabled"..  It's probably a few lines of code and people already can choose to enable pronouns or not. The information is already there!

A separate issue is why no email signature block ?   no other application blocks that feature.   And this has been asked for since 2018.  the voting process on here is useless and not intuitive. 


You can read lots of posts on here about how the impersonal Canvas emails make people not want to use it. Frequently people think it's spam.

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Community Team

Hi @JayBrenman -


I appreciate you sharing the idea for making pronouns an option for individuals. I think that would be a wonderful solution for institutions to provide. However, that is something that the Product Team would need to evaluate. I completed a quick search through our open ideas, and it would be brand new! Please consider authoring the idea so it can officially reach the Product Team. 
What are the guidelines for submitting a new idea? 

How do I create a new idea in the Instructure Community? 


The question regarding the inbox is a great one, and unfortunately, there are no additional updates beyond what is included in the Instructure Roadmap.

The popular [Inbox] Signature Block is aligned to the Improve the inbox functionality theme and is still open for consideration by the Product Team. Beyond the forums and the Ideas & Themes process, your institution's CSM may be a wonderful person to share this feedback with. 


I recognize that either answer won't result in the more immediate changes you're likely seeking, but I hope the honesty is helpful. 


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