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I think I must be missing something...  What's the point of "Everyone else" as an option when assigning a quiz or assignment?  It only pops up if I have typed in individual student names or clicked on individual classes.  So it would say, "George Clooney", "Beyonce", "Donald Duck", and "Everyone Else."  Wouldn't that be the same as just assigning it to "Everyone"?  

On a related note, is there really no way to assign something to everyone EXCEPT certain students?  I feel like the "Everyone Else" option should do that, but it does the opposite.  And I've read some convoluted ideas about assigning things for one minute, at a different time, etc, or typing in 100+ individually to assign it only to the students who need it.  It seems like Canvas should offer a more efficient way to exclude students from assignments.

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In your first example, yes, it would be the same as assigning to Everyone. 

Our use has always been to provide extensions rather than alternatives in an assignment. But, I would love to be able to exclude people as well. We're running into more and more situations, especially with online learning, where specificity is always better.

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