"Use this same grade for the resubmission" not working correctly for Complete/Incomplete

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I use contract grading and complete/incomplete for most of my assignments. Sometimes, I will have the students resubmit an assignment that they have already received a "Complete" on in order to get some extra credit. For example, if they do another round of revisions on their writing assignment. When I want to regrade this assignment (so that it will be removed from my "to do" list) there is an option to "use this same grade for the resubmission"; however, when I go to press it, it will always give the student an "Incomplete" until I go back and manually give a "Complete." Shouldn't it give the "same grade" as advertised? I feel this is a bug. Have others experienced this?

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Hello @cindavis 

That sounds very odd! I was not able to replicate this in my testing on an assignment I set up in a sandbox course I have. 

I did not see anything listed on the known issues page about this. I also checked the guides on how to evaluate submissions in Speedgrader and It does not list anything about the Complete/Incomplete option for assignments. 

It might be best to reach out to Canvas support to have them look into this further. be sure to provide them with you specific examples of where this is happening. 



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