"new quizzes" do not show up in my Sandbox Couse

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Two years ago, I created a course and made quizzes in both the classic and new format. At the end of the school year, I saved that course as my Sandbox. I can still access the classic quizzes and use them this year. The "new" quizzes do not have any content associated with them when I copy them to my new course.  Do I need to recreate the entire quiz again with the new quiz format?  I have no idea why I can't see my quizzes if I copied the entire course. Any assistance would be appreciated. 

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It is also possible that you need to turn on the feature in the new course.  To turn on the "New Quizzes" feature option.

In course settings:

  • Choose the FEATURE OPTIONS tab
  • Click the red X icon to the right of NEW QUIZZES.

I'm not totally sure, but you may need to delete the quiz and import it again if it still doesn't have any content.

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