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removing questions from a quiz


I have an instructor that needs to remove questions from a quiz which students have already taken. None of the regrade options are applicable as the instructor wants the question removed (10 questions with 2 to be removed). If we remove the questions the quiz will now appear out of 8 and not 10. Is there a way to do this and have the calculated total updated without doing this manually? Is this something that has been resolved in the new quiz system with canvas?

Thank you in advance.

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HI @khan_yas

Once students have taken a quiz, you can't delete questions. This is for academic integrity for the students. This is true for both new and old quizzes. The only options the instructor has for the questions he wants to remove are:

  • Award points for both corrected and previously correct answers
  • Only award points for the corrected answer
  • Give everyone full credit for this question
  • Update question without regrading

Regrade Options

Old Quizzes

New Quizzes.