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I have a course with multiples sections; course and term dates have elapsed, but one section is still active according to dates set for that section.  no problem so far--the students in that section still have access and can submit assignments.

The problem is that the course no longer appears on the instructor's dashboard and submissions do not appear in the instructor's to-do list. This is a problem.

I tried to "favorite" the course to place it back on the dashboard, but that doesn't work because according to course/term date, the course is not active and you can only place active courses on the dashboard.  But according to section dates, the course is actually active.  So...  any advice?  I would consider this a bug.


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Hi @alf,

We run into this when we grant extended access for "incompletes" via a new section with new dates.  The trick is that you also have to add the instructor to the section with extended dates.

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