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Is it possible to add a course to a subaccount under a subaccount with SIS import file?

I ask because I have subaccount admins and I have a subaccount within a subaccount Admins.

Example Account AS is a Subaccount to the main university. that Subaccount has a College within it we will call it College ABC

We have an 24/7 active data import because we allow students to drop a course any day of the term.

Currently, the 2nd level subaccount does not have a sis ID so the subaccount admins have to manually move the courses to the subaccount. because we use different themes.

every time the enrollment status updates the course, canvas moves it back to the 1st level subaccount. because it does not have a subaccount  ID to the account ID in the SIS file.


account_id course_id short_name long_name term_id status
AS 202210-10724-AS TH 4001 TH 4001 LCA - Hinduism 202210 active


is it possible to code the SIS file like the example?

account_id subaccount_id course_id short_name long_name term_id status
AS ABC 202210-10724-AS TH 4001 TH 4001 LCA - Hinduism 202210 active
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Community Coach

Hi @arlin_burton,

In general, there is not much distinction between the root account or subaccounts, they are often just treated as accounts.  In this case, you need to give whatever accounts you'll be using with your sis an associated sis_id.  You'll then use the appropriate account sis id, whether it's the root account or a subaccount, as the value for the account_id in your courses csv file.  I hope this makes sense to you, but let us know if you have more questions.


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