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Releases Q&A: 2021-06-19 Manage Courses Permissions

Looking to discuss this feature from the 2021-06-19 Release Notes? Post a reply and start a conversation!

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Adventurer III

Much appreciate the added granularity here!

From my testing, it appears "Courses - Delete" also affects the reset button. Can anyone else confirm or deny that in their instance (we have custom JS installed and I want to make sure it's not interfering with my testing).  I hope this is actually how the permissions work, since reseting a course is essentially a delete and recreate at the same time, but always good to confirm.

Also one nitpicking comment is that for consistency with other permissions and sorting it seems like the permission group should be "Courses - Manage" instead of "Manage Courses".


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Adventurer II

This seems to have broken the reset button for instructors - it is only available for admins now.

Manage courses > Courses Delete under Course Roles needs to be set for the instructor and it is working again. For some reason it seems to take approx 24 hours for permissions to work.

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I believe I read somewhere in the community or in other Canvas documentation that when working with permissions, some changes do not go into effect right away but changing a user account's time zone from their preferred, to something else, and then back to their preferred will force permissions to be reapplied.

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Explorer III

Yes, I seem to have lost the ability to reset course content when acting as an instructor too in beta. This is with the following permissions at course level. I assume it is related to this new update as I can access the reset course content button when acting as an instructor in production. 



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Have you reported this Canvas support?

Thank you!


Will do, thanks Erin. I wasn't sure if it was expected behaviour or not. I've emailed them with a link to this Q&A page. 


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Explorer III

Does anyone have a link handy where what these permissions actually control is explained for Course Roles? There is no "What it Does" explanation in Beta as of yet, and I'm not finding this documented anywhere. Very excited at the possibility we could be able to lock down the "Reset Course Content" button. Thanks!

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Hi there, I've been trying to get an answer out of L1 support about exactly what is the expected behaviour regarding this release and course reset functionality. I'll keep you updated on L1 support response. It would be good to get this covered off in the release notes too of course.

What is your experience?

@kirsten_ryall Thanks! When I take away the Manage Courses > Delete permission on our Teacher-based course roles in the Beta environment, our instructors no longer see the Reset Course Content button - which is great!

Oh, I think I am seeing the opposite of what you are seeing. Reset Course Content button remains accessible me to when I act as a teacher in a course whether or not I have checked Manage Courses - courses delete. I think that Canvas Support advised the same thing too - that the button is not impacted. This was their response, 'The button would not be affected. The permission which allows users to see the button is what is under contention here. The button is available to users with the permissions use the button.'

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It seems this may have been a false positive or anomalous/erroneous finding. I'm not seeing this behavior anymore in our beta instance, and now the Reset Course Content button seems to persist in our instance. Is there a permission that's being tried out that was restricting that button? We'd really like to turn it off.

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Explorer III

I have a question.  Am I the only one that thinks that "Delete this Course" and "Reset Course Content" should be to separate permissions?

At my institution, we use JavaScript code to hide/disable various things in the "Settings" area of the course if they are using a role based on the "teacher" role.  For example, we hide/disable the "Delete this Course" and "Conclude this Course" buttons but show/allow the "Reset Course Content" button.

Any other thoughts on this?

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Surveyor II

Re: Releases  Q&A: 2021-06-19 Manage Course

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